Build SML Dialogs Using XML


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  SML now provides an easier method you can use to create custom dialog windows for your SML scripts. You can specify the controls and layout of the dialog in a structured text (XML) format. Explore the links below for background information and sample scripts that provide helpful examples of dialogs created in XML.

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Read the Reference Guide to SML Dialog Specifications in XML. 
Read the tutorial Building Dialogs in SML 
Read the tutorial Writing Scripts in SML.  
View the XML color plates.

Build SML Dialogs Using XML
Sample Dialog Descriptions in XML
Creating SML Dialogs
Making Color Separations for Printing
Nested SML Dialogs using XML
Suppressing Vegetation in Multispectral Images
Filter Vectors Using Scripts
Menus in SML Dialogs using XML
Strict Syntax Checking in SML

SML Dialog with Tabbed Pages Using XML
Communicate with Visual Basic Programs using SML

View the XML color plates.

Validating SML Dialogs Created in XML
ActiveX Callbacks to SML (2-sided)

Download Scripts with Custom Dialogs via XML:

Example "This is a test" dialog. This script opens a test dialog read from an external XML file. The dialog has tabbed panels that include examples of many of the available controls. The script illustrates various methods of reading control settings from the dialog by printing the settings to the Console Window Download xmldlg.sml
Download test.xml
Radio Group .  A small "stub" script that illustrates how you can build SML dialogs using XML. Download radiogroup.sml
related color plate
Panchromatic Sharpening.  This script uses an embedded dialog specification to create a complex control dialog used to select input objects and set processing parameters. The script computes a pan-sharpened color-composite image from three bands of a multispectral image and a higher-resolution panchromatic image. Download pansharpcomp.sml
related color plate
Suppressing Vegetation.  This script uses an embedded dialog specification to create a complex control dialog. A second window opened from the main dialog is filled in dynamically using information from the objects selected for processing. The script suppresses the expression of vegetation in multispectral images.

Download deveg68.sml
(replaces devegX.sml)

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