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Geometric geodata (vector, CAD, shape) with associated database attributes (records) is an important component of any Geographic Information Systems (GIS). TNTmips provides a complete set of tools for associating attributes with geospatial objects and maintaining these attributes as you extract, merge, edit and otherwise manipulate these objects. Build and maintain tables and records, attach records to elements (points, lines, or polygons), and relate tables to each other. Select and display elements by attribute and make data tips and label elements based on related attributes.

Databases can be in the internal format and a variety of external formats supported by OLE DB (Object Linking and Embedding, Database) or in a spatial database format, such as Oracle Spatial or ESRI Personal Geodatabase.

See also: Pin Mapping to visualize information directly from database tables containing coordinates and Raster Classification and Feature Mapping to sssign attributes to raster cell.


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